Women’s Snow Boots with Good Traction

Winter is upon us and no one wants to be caught unprepared when the first major snow hits.  We have been busy in the online research lab looking for the best snow boots for women with good traction.

Icy and slippery conditions can be dangerous so please choose wisely when selecting a good snow boot with good traction.

Of course, safety is our main concern for this topic but, as always, we must also pay attention to the look and style of the boot.  Check out a few selections that we found worth consideration.

#1 Hot Pick! – Almost anything by SOREL

Sorel offers a wide variety of boots made specifically for harsh weather and they are certain to keep your feet warm. These boots are slightly pricier than average but are worth every penny for quality and durability.

Check out the traction on these Sorel Women’s Cumberland Boots


I’m thinking brand new snow tires when I see these. This is the type of boot you need when trekking through the snow and ice on a busy day. And look at the cuteness in this Cumberland boot available in multiple colors.



#2 Go Studded with Icebug

IceBug boots are made in Sweden. Need we say more?

What’s neat and very practical about this boot is that they have steel studs in the sole for additional traction. They call it BuGrip. The studs adjust to the surface so they won’t damage your floor but when you have to walk across that ice you can do it with grace and style without a worry.


Icebug Women’s Sorix2 BUGrip Traction Studded Winter Boot


We have only seen these in black but they look nice with that extra coverage around the ankles. Reviews online about these boots are amazing. IceBug also makes high traction running shoes.


#3 Columbia Omni-Grip Realness

Columbia’s Ice Maiden II snow boot is the best seller in its category for a good reason. They look great, keep your feet warm and are affordable.

Check out the view looking down on the boot. Cute right!


Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Winter Boot


Omni-Grip® is Columbia’s multi-terrain traction system that matches specially formulated compounds and treads to specific environments, providing sure-footed confidence for any activity.

If you’re shopping around for a women’s snow boot with good traction we have provided you some great choices. Click through on the links and images for more information and current prices online.

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