Sexy Women’s Shoes

Sexy Women’s Shoes

Sexy Women's Shoes
Sometimes we forget that shoes can act as more than just protection for our feet. They can easily be tools of seduction when done right.

Here’s how shoes, specifically heels, can be used to elevate an outfit from just “meh” to downright irresistible, no matter the body type or shape.

Shoes are a great way to draw attention to your legs. Though many may not like that idea and can easily be intimidated by the idea of people looking at their legs, please keep in mind, legs are remarkably forgiving in terms of sexiness.

When it comes to legs it’s all about the shape and silhouette that give them their sexiness and rarely about the weight.

So find a pair that uses color and shape to draw attention and make others look south of your body’s equator.

There’s a reason why high heels go hand-in-hand with sexiness. The faux tippy-toe stance instantly gives the effect of tone and strength to your calves, even if you haven’t gone near a Stairmaster in years.

It may be cheating, but then again, we’ve all heard the saying “fake it ’till you make it.”

It’s common knowledge that confidence is sexy, and a daring pair of heels can change a whole outfit and attitude.

Simply put, sexy women’s shoes means confidence.

Remember that if you’ve got legs you’ve instantly got sex appeal.

So go on, arm yourself with an amazing pair of heels, go out there and seduce everything!


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