Extra Wide Women’s Shoes

extra wide women's shoes
Most of us women love shoes and with the variety styles in the market, not finding a fitting shoe can be discouraging.

Women with extra wide feet may find it challenging shopping for shoes in shoe outlets or even the internet because most of the time, the shoes will not fit.

Shopping for shoes should be an enjoyable activity and with the following options, you will save time spent on shopping for the right pair of shoes.

Use the internet to find the kind of shoes you want. If you do a proper search, the chances are that you will land on a site that sells your favorite shoe at an affordable price.

Be patient and search widely taking note of what is available in-stock. Online auctions can also land you a good deal on a fitting pair of shoes.

You could also have some custom shoes made if you find it hard to find what you want in the market. This can be expensive but very rewarding. You will get an exact design of a shoe you want and in the right size.

We have found a few extra wide women’s shoes for your enjoyment below.



Hush Puppies






Easy Street


Bella Vita